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Static sites and dynamic Jamstack apps

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Chapter 2
Hugo In Action Book

Build a compelling website


Get a 100/100 lighthouse score. Compile in milliseconds, load in milliseconds and be ready to read in milliseconds.


Have full control over the theme, share content, settings and templates across websites, enable comments, surveys, add server-side processing, eCommerce.

Low Maintenance

Move major areas to compile time. Run with few dependencies. Move operations to a third-party.

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Best of Hugo

Hugo is a rich framework. It has a well thought out system for a huge amount of use cases that can be solved by static sites. The big problems are already solved.

  • Authoring - Markdown, YAML (Chapter 3)
  • Organization - Bundles, Taxonomies, Shortcodes (Chapter 4)
  • Building - Go template language, content types and layouts (Chapters 5 - 7)
  • Share and Reuse - Modules (Chapters 8)
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Best of the Jamstack

The Jamstack completes Hugo by providing the dynamic behaviors of the modern web without compromising performance.

  • Dynamic Forms - APIs via form providers (Chapter 9)
  • User interaction - Really fast JavaScript builder (Chapter 10)
  • Custom Integration - Functions and custom API code (Chapter 11)
  • Reuse - Take it all to a eCommerce (Chapter 12)
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